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FDA may okay 'morning after pill' for 17-year-olds


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Soon, 17-year-olds will have access to the "morning-after" birth control pill without a prescription.           

The FDA announced it won't appeal a federal judge's ruling that overturned restrictions imposed by the Bush administration.           

The pill, also known as "Plan B" is an emergency contraception that can reduce the chances of pregnancy if taken within three days of having unprotected sex.           

The age change follows a federal judge's ruling last month that overturned the Bush Administration's Policy restricting access to teens younger than 18.

And, that's the concern, that 17-year-olds will begin using "Plan B" as their first method of preventing pregnancy.

Some say its a way to for teens to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but others claim its like the 'abortion pill', and it limits parental rights.              

Sioux City's Planned Parenthood, which supplies "Plan B" to those who ask, says they will follow the FDA guidelines by supplying to someone 17-years-old, and older.           

That'll only happen if they can prove it by producing their ID.           

They say they support the decision by the FDA so 17-year-olds will be able to have an alternative, like "Plan B", if they need it.

"They're just trying to prevent unintended pregnancies with sexually active teenagers. So, it will allow men and women 17-years-old and older to be able to come in and get the "Plan B" without a prescription," said Deb Fegenbush, Planned Parenthood Nurse.           

Deb Fegenbush also adds that "Plan B" is not a form of birth control, but only to be used if "Plan A" fails.

Some groups say there shouldn't be a "Plan B",at all, like the Sioux City Catholic Diocese.           

They say 'they do not support the "Plan B" plan.           

They released this statement, Thursday afternoon saying, "We strongly believe life begins at conception. The pill should not be made available for anyone, let alone a 17-year-old,"

The next step for "Plan B", before 17-year-olds are able to get it, the manufacturer will need to make a formal request to lift the age restrictions.           

The FDA says it will approve the request.

Many groups in Sioux City have their own opinion, it's also got a lot of folks, in Sioux City, talking.  

"I don't think it's right because I don't think it's right to condone sex before marriage," said Megan Manson, Sioux City.

"I'd rather have them have that than have children left and right," said Kenneth Jimenez, Sioux City.

"I just don't think 17-years-old should be able to decide even with parent's consent," said Kayla Phillips, Sioux City.

"If they're old enough to have sex, then I think they're old enough to make their own decisions on it," said Roman Whippert, Sioux City.

Online Reporter: Allissa Hopkins

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