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Gas station goes green in Lyons, NE

LYONS, Nebraska (KTIV) -- All this Saturday Lyons, Nebraska will be hosting the 2010 Nebraska Energy Fair.

It's all designed to give people a look at what's to come in renewable energy.

But one man is going above and beyond to prove we have the green technology today, to get away from fossil fuels.

He's ex-military and Robert Byrnes is leading the charge against fossil fuels, his weapon, a group called Nebraska Renewable Energy Systems.

"We can't hardly expect others to utilize renewable fuels if we don't utilize them first as a good example," says Byrnes.

Byrnes and his group are all over Northern Nebraska taking blighted buildings, renovating them, then revolutionizing the way they conduct business.

"These were old, sometimes abandoned, buildings that we have revitalized and put to a new green use," says Byrnes.

His latest project Nebraska Green Fuels, a petrol gas station turned green. With it Byrnes want's to show just how earth friendly he can be, using a bio-diesel fueled heater, pumps full of E-85 and...

"Even rain water doesn't go to waste here it comes off the roof and comes out the faucet," says Forrest.

"Bottom line is folks want to feel it they want to see it they want to know that it is a viable option and that it works and we have tried to close that gap with demonstration projects," says Byrnes.

There's no profit here either. Byrnes and his volunteers work on donations and grants. So really they're working for your attention not your money.

I'm sure that if at least every other town did this we would be a lot better off," says Volunteer, Nick Tobias.

"I think folks need to see that renewable energy fits on main street, that it has a place on main street, and it should have a place on main street," says Byrnes

Located on Main street, Green fuels and Robert Byrnes hope with a little time they can save some green by using some green.

Byrnes and his group also have a number of other buildings they have renovated.

Including a green farm, which refines their E-85 ethanol.

Online Reporter: Forrest Saunders

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