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Olympic medalist named Sue Bee Honey spokesperson

SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KTIV) - A Sioux City based agri-business company hopes their new spokeswoman will have the golden touch to help bring dollars to their company as well as to area honey farmers.

Sue Bee Honey has hired two-time Olympic gold medalist Summer Sanders to be the face of their latest campaign... "Trust the Taste of American Honey."

After winning four medals during the 1992 Summer games, Sanders went on to become a game show host, sports reporter and most recently, compete on NBC's Celebrity Apprentice, which she says opened up new business opportunities like the Sioux Bee partnership.

Sanders, whose grandmother was born in Sioux City, spoke to bee keepers from 26 states during the annual Sioux Honey Association meeting today about her affinity for the product. Summer Sanders, Sue Bee Honey Spokesperson:"I love that they're made in the USA. I consider it nature's miracles (honey), and they lead to a healthy lifestyle. You can include it in all of your foods. So, to be a part of a company that wants to send out that message and has those values is just so perfect."

Researchers are still studying the mysterious colony disease that's affected bee populations. Sue Bee's president says bee keepers have learned better management techniques in the face of that adversity. David Allibone, President:"The crop this year looks pretty good. A year ago our crop was the lowest crop recorded by the USDA since they've been keeping records, and this year the crop is substantially better, so we've been getting a good supply of honey."

Starting in October, you'll be able to cook with Sanders. This week she taped a set of online cooking demonstrations for the company's new website. The key ingredient in each recipe is honey.

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