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Board of Supervisors explain why they want to leave Sioux Rivers Region Video included

To clear up any speculations, a meeting will be held Thursday night at the Sioux City Public Museum.


HEALTHBEAT 4: Massive transfusion protocol Video included

"We typically average around 1-2 massive transfusion protocol or alerts, per month," said Dr. Craig Nemechek, Trauma Medical Director at Mercy Medical Center. 


Beating the flu with immunity boosters Video included

Doctors warn the flu vaccine is the best defense against getting the flu, but also say building up your immune system is also extremely helpful. 


Siouxland doctor has followed Wilmes medical journey since the beginning Video included

It took an army of nearly 40 doctors to make Maria Wilmes' heart-lung transplant a reality.  


Fraternity holds cycling event to raise money for blood-borne illness research Video included

The 8th annual Cycle for Life event was held by the Phi Kappa Alpha Fraternity from 5 to 9 PM.


The Latest: Trump aims to reduce drug costs under Medicare


Trump making first proposal to cut cost of prescription drugs for Medicare recipients. More>>

Study: Apple Watch can detect diabetes with 85 percent accuracy

Wearable technology is changing how diseases are detected. 


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