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Siouxland Ag News

Times may change but agriculture will always be a staple in Siouxland. This page is for rural residents looking for market information, the latest farming headlines and other resources tailored to country living.


DIGGING DEEPER: The benefits of new police technology Video included

Technology has come a long way since many of us grew up when radio dispatching was the most technically advanced way to get you help. 


The new technologies of law enforcement Video included

From when you place a call, to when an officer arrives on scene, there’s a lot of technology in place that makes sure they know where to go and the most efficient way to get there. 


TRAINING DAY: USS Sioux City crew endures five-week training program to operate their ship Video included

"This simulator allows us to exercise our pre-planned responses for anything as simple as taking the ship away from a pier to more complex combat evolutions," said CDR W. Shockey Snyder, USS Sioux City.


DIGGING DEEPER: Tracking Sex Offenders

Do you know who is living in your neighborhood?  There are about 860,000 registered sex offenders living in the United States according to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.


Digging Deeper: Dangerous Railways Video included

Crude oil, ethanol, fertilizer, ammonia and some materials not made public, are just some of the dangerous items that ride the rails in Siouxland. 


Famous statue of film icon "Rocky" has a Sioux City connection

It's among the most iconic images in the history of cinema. A statue of boxer Rocky Balboa... arms raised in victory. The character may be fiction, but the man behind the statue is very real, and grew up in Sioux City.


USS Sioux City

Courtesy: U.S. Navy Courtesy: U.S. Navy

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