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232 Survivor uses anniversary weekend to answer lifelong questions

The weekend-long events commemorating the crash of Flight 232 were about togetherness and remembrance for many, as they reflected on the devastation of that day. But for one woman, it was about coming to Sioux City for the first time, and answering questions she's had for 25 years. More>>

Fight 232 Air Traffic Controller: "There's nothing we can do to help them"

When United Airlines Flight 232 crashed, on July 19, 1989, few knew anything about the plane. Kevin Bachman, the air traffic controller on duty, at Sioux Gateway, that day, was one of the few who did. More>>

Flight 232 forever changed the history of Siouxland and part of that history happened here at KTIV News 4

So many of us can remember where we were when we heard that United Flight 232 had crash-landed at the Sioux Gateway Airport on July 19, 1989. More>>

Flight 232 survivors and first responders share experiences at Orpheum Theatre

Friday night those in the air and on the ground on July 19, 1989 retraced the crash-landing of Flight 232.

One of the dispatchers who was working when Flight 232 crashed attended the blood drive

Louise Keleher was working in the Woodbury County Communications Center when the flight came down, and she was responsible for sending fire crews out to the scene. More>>

Flight 232 crash helped bring the funds to build the Security Institute in Sioux City

Saturday's blood drive was held at the Security Institute, a facility that was brought about because of the 232 crash. More>>

Siouxlanders give the gift of life-saving blood in honor of the United Flight 232 anniversary

After the tragic crash 25 years ago, the surrounding communities came together to help in any way they could. More>>

Area leaders reflect on the 25th anniversary of Flight 232's crash

"The day after the flight, I had the opportunity to go up in a helicopter and view the crash site. I wondered how in the world could anyone have survived that kind of a crash. I was so thankful our community had prepared and planned for such an event that we ready to do what we needed to do,” said Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott. More>>

The crash-landing of Flight 232 creates a permanent bond between passengers and first responders.

Saturday, 25-years later, almost to the moment of impact: those touched by the miraculous tragedy shared hugs, smiles and memories of so much pain, yet survival. More>>

Service gives Siouxlanders a chance to reflect as Flight 232 remembrances wrap up

"These heartbreaking events aren't the last word. I think it was important to be reminded of that hope that God calls us to in the future," Reverend Greg Clapper said. More>>

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