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Hawarden, IA picks up pieces after strong storms


HAWARDEN, Iowa (KTIV) - Tuesday people are picking up the pieces after winds of over 60 miles per hour swept through one Siouxland town, Monday night.

"I didn't have much time to think about being scared.  Once I got up and looked around, then I realized how bad it was and my voice was a little cracky," said Becky Rus, owners of Livestock Concepts.

Becky Rus had little time to react as she was closing up shop at Livestock Concepts, Monday night.

"I was just on the last computer and I heard a lot of roaring noise and a lot of wind so I looked up and looked out and there was a lot of dirt, thought I got to get back to or walk-in cooler which is our safe area," said Rus.

But it all happened too fast.

"I knew I couldn't make it so I just huddled down here on the floor and put a blanket on my head and about that time all the windows started coming in," said Rus.

Rus and her dog were right under the windows as glass came flying into her store. 

"It was a matter of just minutes," said Rus.

But Rus's business wasn't the only one in town hit. 

"It was really a fast event and it really caught everyone off guard," said Jeff Nohava, Civil Defense Director of Hawarden.

It caught Brian Engleman, owner of Sportman's Lane's and Lounge, by surprise too. 

"We went outside because we could hear the wind blowing really hard and we looked around and a grain bin from the grain elevators came flying over and we took off for the basement," said Engleman.

"We were sort of surprised to see the amount of damage because 60 mile per hour winds where we were at, we didn't think they'd cause that amount of damage, so I'd probably estimate that the winds were higher than that," said Nohava.

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