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It's 'tulip time' in Orange City, IA


Orange City, IOWA (KTIV) - Folks, in Orange City, Iowa, are keeping their fingers crossed for good weather for the annual "Tulip Festival", which starts, Thursday.

Planning for the festival is a year-long process and it's especially important for the tulips.

The tulip bulbs are dug up every year, and new ones from Holland were planted back in October.

Officials plant mid and late season bulbs so the tulips are in bloom for the festival.

"This year is going to be perfect, absolutely perfect. They are just all opening up and some of them will be opening up in the next couple days so we are excited about all of the color and the tulips that will be around."said, Rachel Meekma, Tulip Festival Coordinator.

Festival goers will enjoy over 60,000 tulips in Orange City this year.

Officials say the name of the variety they plant the most of are called the "Darwin Tulip", but they also plant many early, late and hybrid tulips.

"Tulips are one of the first colors that come up in the spring and after a hard winter here in Northwest Iowa to kind of see some fresh color is pretty refreshing," said, Brett Mulder, Tulip Town Bulb Company Owner.

They may be pretty, but don't pick the tulips.

That will earn you a $100 fine.

The festival begins Thursday, but there are a few events starting Wednesday night.


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