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Fire races through Morningside home


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - A Sioux City mother and her two-year-old child had to escape a fire as it quickly spread through their Morningside neighborhood.

Authorities were called to the home at 1620 Avery Way around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. When they arrived, flames were shooting out of the roof. Jessica Thiel and her child were in the home's basement taking a nap when the smoke detectors went off. When Thiel went upstairs, she saw smoke and quickly left the home with her son.

"I'm really thankful. I mean that could have been my life right there, not only mine, but my son's. I was really shaken up," Thiel told NewsChannel 4.

Firefighters also rescued a dog after Thiel said she couldn't get recover the canine after she exited the home.

While everyone in the home was able to make it out safely, fire officials say the high winds and temperatures could have made the fire even worse.

"It's a windy day. It spreads the fire a lot faster through the home, especially the winds that we're having," Sioux City firefighter Joe Rodriguez said. "It's also a concern for our instant commander to fight the fire and worry about the other structures surrounding the building itself."

The fire's cause is still under investigation.

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