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A group is raising money for Evelyn

South Sioux City, Neb. (KTIV) - The "Watchful Eye Foundation" is helping little Evelyn's family through this tragedy and they are asking for the community's help as well.

Watchful Eye's National spokesperson, Shawn Mayer, is asking for donations to help the family.

Understandably, Mayer says Evelyn's death has been hard on the family and by raising money to help with the funeral and new housing is a way to help them get cope.

"This family was very, very safe with their children and everything like that and there are just some people out there that are dangerous and so it's just an eye opener and the fact that I wanted to be here because I really think that to help them out. They've already been through enough, the last thing they need to worry about is money," said, Shawn Mayer, National Watchful Eye spokesperson.

"It's such a horrific thing that has happened. It's a big news story but most of all it's a that is in family shear shock and the compassion that has been showed to the family so far has been enormous," said, Susie Squires, Watchful Eye.

Since the crime took place in the family's home, the Watchful Eye foundation is trying to help them find a different place to live.

Once again money raised will help with that and pay for Evelyn's funeral expenses.

On Friday,Mayer will sing after the Cherokee PRCA Rodeo and she will be collecting money for Evelyn and her family at the concert.

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