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Smith-Everett School reconstruction plans

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- While the new Smith-Everett School will not be ready for students this year, construction costs have come in below the estimated budget and the project is well underway.

The total bid for the reconstruction project is just over $12 million.

Sioux City Schools Superintendent, Dr. Paul Gausman says this school will be unique not only because of the design but because they are digging 300 geo-thermal wells that will heat and cool the building.

Dr. Gausman says they will try to incorporate some of the original building into the new plans.

"It wasn't built with the current day knowledge of how students learn best. When we are able to replace these older schools with new ones, we put in everything we can in terms of design and best practices for education based on what we now know about stuent brains, how they learn best ," Gausman said.

The new Smith-Everett School will be open in 2011 and a naming committee is working right now on the new name for the school.

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