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School board votes down cell phone proposal


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Should high school students be able to text or use their cell phones during lunch? Monday, the Sioux City School Board voted to keep phones out of the lunchroom.

The board had considered letting high school students use their cell phones during their lunch hour, but some parents and teachers were against the plan.

Some say it would be too hard to get students to turn them back off again for the remainder of the day.

Students are still allowed to have cell phones on them, but they're not allowed to be turned on during school hours.

"It really isn't a change from our current practice per say. The policy wording was rewritten, but all of our buildings had a practice of not allowing students to use cell phones," Sioux City superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman said.

Last year it was up to the individual school administration whether or not students were allowed to use them. Tonight's vote makes it an across-the-board policy.

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