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Little Sioux survivors gather one year after tragedy


NEAR BLENCOE, Iowa (KTIV) -- Survivors of the Little Sioux tornado gathered at the boy scout camp tonight, to reflect on what happened, remember the four scouts killed on June 11th, 2008 and revive the leadership training that brought them all together a year ago in the first place.

It's the final night of the Pahuk Pride Youth Training Camp at the Little Sioux Scout Ranch. More than 125 boy scouts took part took part this week, with awards being given out tonight.

More than 30 tornado survivors are helping teach many of these first time campers and using the experience to move forward.

"It's just great to see these young kids come back, these young men come back. And see them having fun, enjoying and learning, gaining skills that they'll take back to their troops and hopefully have a better troop when they get back," said camp committee member Rex Gochenour.

"It's important that people come back and start camping again. And there's times that we go up to the North Valley and look around, and think back. But otherwise, everybody's been real good this week and we haven't had any problems with people worrying about it too much," said Onawa, Iowa scout Curtis Parr.

These scouts came from 58 counties in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

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