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Our Hometown: Charter Oak, Iowa


In "Our Hometown" this week, learn how Charter Oak, Iowa got its name and why the town prides itself on food and history.

"It's just a small Iowa community," said Nancy Rosburg of Charter Oak.

As the legend goes, surveyors from the East came here to check out the land. One night, the weather turned bad and they hid their maps inside a large oak tree.

"This reminded the workers of the charter of Connecticut, that was also handled in a similar way to protect the charter. It was put in an oak tree and that is how they chose the name "Charter Oak" for the name of our town," said Nancy Rosburg.

That was in the 1860's, but it wouldn't be until 1891 when the town became incorporated. That same year, the town's doctor built his house and medical offices here. The "Huber House" still stands today and has since been turned into the town's museum.

"We're very proud of our museum," said Nadine Friedrichs of Charter Oak.

Along with antique medical supplies and Charter Oak memorabilia, the museum boasts a picture room full of hundreds of pictures taken by local photographer John Listamann.

"It's an interesting thing to go there and just look at the old pictures," said Don Friedrichs of Charter Oak.

You can see pictures of people who have passed. And at Charter Oak's Arboretum, you can see many names. That's because nearly everything here is placed in memory of someone who once lived in Charter Oak.

"It's just a beautiful place for the people to leisurely walk through this time of year with the flowers and the shrubs and the trees all in full bloom is very tranquil," said Ernest Poggensee of Charter Oak.

Charter Oak is not only beautiful, there's also some good grub here for people by the thousands.

"We had close to 2,000 one time," said Allen Staley of Staley's Food Service.

Hometown brothers, Allen and Rick Staley have been catering to the masses for 22 years here.

"We started in Charter Oak. I think people associated Staley's with Charter Oak," said Rick Staley of Staley's Food Service.

From community business to Charter Oak's Achievement Days, which celebrates the accomplishments of it's youngest residents.

"They have all kinds of different projects that they achieved and done throughout the year," said Kris Dale, Commercial Club.

Charter Oak's Achievement Days, a celebration with a car show, antique tractor ride, and a time for kids to show off their achievements will run this July 12-15.


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