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Kiddie train chugs into Kingsley, IA birthday party


KINGLSEY, Iowa (KTIV) - Friday's sand castle contest was one of the kick-off events for Kingsley, Iowa's Quasquicentennial celebration.  Kids of all ages got to play in the sand.

There were three different age groups, and even a contest for the whole family.  While many enjoyed the day, it's hard for some to believe Kingsley is 125-years-old.

"It's hard to imagine, but yea, I think it's important and it's something fun for everybody to do," said Amanda Weber.

There will be plenty of other events going on this weekend, including a street dance and 'dive-in' movie Friday night.

Saturday's activities include, a Hot Air Balloon Ride, parade line-up at 9, and a lot of kids. events.

Sunday, it'll all come to a close with a ceremony at 11:30 and the fire department water fights.

Among the many events going Saturday, one miniature idea, that's become a big hit.

"We started laying the track -- took about 2 1/2 years," explained Mike Allen.

It was Allen's imagination that gave this tiny train what it needed to take off.

"There for the first couple of years, you would go down a few hundred feet and then back up again," he said.

Now, the tracks stretch to about 15-hundred feet, through tunnels and under bridges.

"The things I see. It's just real fun," said one rider.

So, where did this idea take off from?  Allen says his parents, "When I was about 2 years old, they gave me my first train. So, I always blame mom every time I see her, that this is all her fault."

The tracks don't stop here for Allen. He says he still has something he has yet to complete.

"Buildings, farms... we've got a farm scene up in the corner... I want to do a mining scene, things like that," he explained.

"I just keep adding on, anytime I find something that I thought would fit in - I add to it," he said.

The train ride isn't just for kids, it's for adults too."

"If anybody stops by, we get the engine out and go for a ride," he explained.

For the first time, this miniature model even hit the tracks last winter, and Allen called it his 'Polar Express.'

"We had tickets and had the two engines running. Of course, we punched the tickets when the kids got on and take them down and they'd see Santa Clause," said Allen.

It's those smiling faces and his love for trains that keeps him chuggin' along.

Reporter: Allissa Hopkins

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