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A new place to play is in sight

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - Boys in Sioux City are one step closer to getting a playground.

Monday, the Sioux City Downtown Rotary Club donated $18-thousand dollars to help fund the $250-thousand dollar playscape for the Boys Club.

Rotarians have been donating money throughout the year for this cause.

Boys Club officials are excited that they are one step closer to a dream that has been 23-years in the making.

"Our mission is to enable children to achieve their potential. A lot of children have learning disabilities as a result of sensory integration issues and so now we are able to provide activities where they can actually swing and turn around and climb, it's going to greatly impact the lives of the boys that go to the club," said Roger Friessen, Boys Club Executive Director.

Boys Club officials say they will build a fence for the playground in the lot next to the Boys Club by the end of this summer and officials say hopefully, the space will be ready for kids to play on in 2010.

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