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Kids spend summer getting creative


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Some Siouxland youngsters are getting creative at summer camp. Could we be among some young Rembrandts or future Van Goghs?

It's summer camp with a creative twist. There are no cookouts or camp fires here. Just lots of modeling clay and acrylic paints. Welcome to summer camp at the Sioux City Art Center.

"So many of the children just get so involved in it. They have a great time creating. They become more social; they interact with the other kids and get a kick out of what they're making. The day goes very fast," said Jenny Bye of the Sioux City Art Center.

"I like it," says ten-year-old Bryce Pape.

Pape is sold on the idea. He hopes to be an artist some day.

"Well, we just got done making nests for our clay birds that we just had. I think we're going to go work on our horse pictures next," Bryce says.

"It's very fun because I like art and this is the only time I get to do art because I don't have any time," says camper Catalina Uribe.

Art camp runs three days per week, two weeks per session. There are full-day or half-day classes for kids from age six to 12.

"I like the art camp because it inspires me of doing art and all of the things I like to do," says camper Taylor Barrett.

The art doesn't even have to make sense.

"I don't know. I just put it together and it looked like a monster," says camper Drew Olson.

"It's a very encouraging camp. Even if a child may not have quite as many skills as another, they learn it quickly and they're very encouraged," Bye said.

Not everyone can be a Picasso, but many of the kids enrolled in Art Camp do have a lot of artistic potential.

"I think lots. Lots of future Picassos. Yeah, and you know, this is a great time to start nurturing that artistic creativity in them," Bye says.

So whether it's a paper mache cow, a horse on canvas or bird's nest made of clay... these kids are spending part of their summer break getting creative.

There are three more sessions of art camp and there are still openings in two of them. Classes are limited to 24 students.

Reported by: Al Joens

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