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Weathercall: New KTIV weather feature to keep you safe


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - A new technology from KTIV will call and e-mail you when severe weather strikes.

The skies may be calm across Siouxland right now, but that can all change at a moments notice.

You can always count on KTIV and the meteorologists of Storm Team Four to bring you the latest severe weather information on your TV, but what happens if you aren't by a TV?

This week, KTIV started a new service which allows us to call you at home, work, or even on your cell phone if a severe weather warning has been issued for your house.

Whether you are at home asleep, or a hundred miles away on vacation, you can always know if severe weather threatens your house.

Or if you'd rather, you can change your notification address to your vacation destination and get local warnings while you're away from home.

Signup is a snap online, click here or you can call 1-800-260-6695 and someone will help you through the registration process over the phone.

You can only register one address at time, but you can have calls placed to three separate numbers and three e-mail addresses to cover your whole family.

You can also select if you just want tornado warning notifications, or would like to be notified of severe thunderstorm and flash flood warnings as well.

WeatherCall is a subscription service that costs $9.95 per year.

Click here to read more about it.

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