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Service stirs memories of 232 crash

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - For those affected, July 19th will always be remembered.

"For me, it's a day in my life, its always with me, it always will be with me," said Linda Pierce-Heard, Survivor.

Linda Pierce-Heard survived the crash, and for the anniversary, she brought her granddaughter, Paige, to the memorial, dressed in the same shirt Linda wore the day of the crash. For others, like Thomas Kennedy, the day was a struggle. He lost his father, an off-duty airline pilot, on that fateful day. But today to him, was all about strength.

"Seeing the community and the bonds that an accident like that has created, and the good things that have come out of it shows that those people in the accident didn't die in vain," said Thomas Kennedy, Springfield, IL.

His sister, Christina, said she has always wanted to honor her father, and the 20th anniversary was the perfect time to make the trip.

"I thought that if I came back with my family, and with the rest of the group, I could pull it off as part of the group," said Christina Landon, Lafayette, IN.

Others, like Jason Henry, remember the hard times 20 years ago. Henry, a lifeguard at the time, had to do a job nobody wanted to do, which was work in the morgues. He says the experience still triggers distant memories of this day.

"There's not a plane flight that I don't get on that I don't think about what happened back then," said Jason Henry, Sioux City.

Some used today to heal and celebrate life, like Joan Theroux, who lost her brother and sister.

"It is a form of therapy, and once again, to thank the people of Sioux City and whoever helped...they were amazing people," said Joan Theroux, Breckinridge, CO.

But, for all gathered, it was a time to re-live history, and make sure the lives we lost will never be forgotten.

"It's made a big impact on our lives, and we are very glad to be here, and very thankful I was able to survive," said Pierce-Heard.

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