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SD Health Secretary weighs in on Siouxland Urology infections


SIOUX FALLS, SD (KTIV) -- South Dakota's Health Secretary is weighing in on news that sixteen patients who received a specific procedure at Siouxland Urology in Dakota Dunes tested positive for hepatitis.

Back in January, a routine check by the State Health Department discovered that Siouxland Urology personnel were reusing saline bags during a cystoscopy procedure.

Close to 4,000 patients were brought in for blood tests as a precaution. While there were no cases of HIV found, sixteen patients were found to have hepatitis that had no prior knowledge of having it. But the clinic says there's no evidence that hepatitis was transmitted patient to patient.

South Dakota Health Secretary Doneen Hollingsworth said, "The Department of Health has been saying that when all the test results are in; when we've received all the information, then we'll be doing a report."

Hollingsworth says her department just received this new information about the hepatitis cases from Siouxland Urology yesterday.

Siouxland Urology says it's cystoscopy procedure was safe and commonly used across the country. But as a precaution, the clinic has changed its methods.

A class-action lawsuit was filed by five patients.

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