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O'Brien County, IA looks to expand wind energy


NEAR SANBORN, Iowa (KTIV) -- A Siouxland county is looking to take advantage of one of its top natural resources to raise tax money.

O'Brien County is looking to a California-based energy company to put up wind turbines on more than 10,000 acres near Sanborn.

Eurus Energy out of San Diego has been in constant contact with the Board of Supervisors about installing as many as 100 turbines. Each turbine would generate as much as 15,000 dollars in tax abatement for O'Brien County. Supervisors say it could be a big help for revenue.

"We have to look at revenue, on what we're going to gain on revenue. And I hate putting it back on property taxes. And this to me, would be a way to generate taxation without hammering on the property owners," said O'Brien County Supervisor Tom Farnsworth.

Eurus still needs to finish paperwork and complete an environmental study of the area. But both parties expect the wind turbines to become a reality in O'Brien County and the supervisors are well aware of Siouxland's status as a leader in providing wind energy to other states.

"You have to have a constant wind. And we have a constant wind up in this area. And that's the thing. You can't just put up windmills anywhere," Farnsworth said.

If Eurus goes through with the wind turbines, it's expected to start building them in late 2010.

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