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Third woman files sexual harassment suit against Dakota Co.


DAKOTA CITY, Neb. (KTIV) -- Another former officer of the Dakota County, Nebraska, jail, has filed suit saying she was sexually harassed and discriminated against.

Alana Crutcher-Sanchez is the third woman, who worked at the jail, to make similar allegations in the last few weeks. Sanchez filed the lawsuit today in federal court.

In the suit, Sanchez admits that soon after starting work at the jail in 2006, she started a sexual relationship with Chief Deputy Rod Herron, who is one of the men named in the suit. But, Sanchez described the relationship as "predatory in nature."

Sanchez claims that she would accompany Herron when transporting minors to detention centers. In one instance, Sanchez says they then engaged in sexual activity in a county vehicle while driving.

Sanchez also says Sheriff Jim Wagner tried to start a sexual relationship with her. He's also named in the suit.

Sanchez says the two men created an "openly sexually-charged environment." Sanchez also says a comment by Wagner, about her Native American heritage, injected race into what she calls a "toxic environment."

Sanchez is demanding a jury trial.

Investigation report will stay sealed

A report, detailing the investigation of alleged harassment and discrimination at the Dakota County, Nebraska jail, will stay sealed.

Last Friday, the Dakota County board of commissioners refused a "freedom of information" request by the Associated Press of Omaha for access to the report. The report, which was done almost three years ago, at a cost of $36,000, has never been viewed publicly. Even the county attorney, at the time, didn't open it -- instead sending it to the state attorney general.

The report was sealed after a current jailer Charvette Williams and former jailer Toni Duncan filed suits claiming harassment and discrimination. Both are female.

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