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Man stays optimistic despite amputations

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KTIV) -- He's spent months in hospitals, but still a Sioux Falls man remains positive despite having both arms amputated after an on-the-job accident earlier this year.

Lineman Brady Murphy was shocked and severely burned, in May, while installing power lines near Onawa, Iowa. Multiple surgeries later, Murphy is home adjusting to his new life.

"When I have my downs, I just think everything you know there's really no reason for it because I can't go back and change it. There's only moving ahead from here," Murphy said.

Murphy says not knowing what his future is going to be like is a little scary, but it's easier knowing that so many people are there for him.

Murphy's family is giving him support, as is the community by organizing benefits to raise money for him.

KDLT Sioux Falls contributed to this report

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