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St. Luke's CEOs, past and present, discuss health care reform


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Health care reform is on the minds of everyday Americans, so you can imagine what happens when a group of health care professionals are together in one room.

Leaders from Iowa Health System -- St. Luke's Regional Medical Center's parent company -- met in Sioux City tonight to celebrate the hospital's 43 years of service.

NewsChannel 4's Zach Tecklenburg spoke with St. Luke's CEO, Peter Thoreen, on what his hospital needs out of health care reform. He says payment reform is the top issue, that the hospital needs to be better reimbursed for its high quality standards.

Thoreen says there's also a need for better comprehensive care in the community, so patients aren't coming in only when they're sick.

No matter what Congress decides, Thoreen says Saint Luke's is well positioned.

"We're going to be here whether we have health care reform or not. We would like to see some health reform, but we'll adapt and address that change as it happens," Thoreen said.

All four CEOs in St. Luke's history were under one roof tonight. Bob Peck was the first CEO ever to lead the hospital, starting in 1966. He saw a lot change in his twenty years in charge, and says payment methods need to keep up with ever-changing technology and techniques as they happen.

"I think dealing with healthcare reform is an essential thing that needs to be done on a continuous basis. It's not a one time thing," Peck said.

Current CEO Peter Thoreen says Iowa Health doesn't have a specific position on supporting a public care option. The company just wants as many people covered as possible.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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