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A mother takes the stand, forgives son's killer


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - The Sioux City man who pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter of another local man was sentenced to 15 years behind bars today.

Back on May 2nd, police say 25-year-old Shane Rouillard was intoxicated and stabbed 22-year-old Robert Ryan at Bush Park Mobile Home Court in Morningside.            

Reports say Rouillard stabbed Ryan multiple times with a five inch knife.            

Earlier this month, Rouillard changed his plea from 'not guilty' of second degree murder... to guilty of 'voluntary manslaughter' and 'going armed with intent'.           

Rouillard will be eligible for parole after seven and a half years.

Thursday, before Rouillard was sentenced members of Robert Ryan's family to the opportunity to address Rouilliard.           

The only person to take the stand was Robert Ryan's mother.

Thursday in court, when Robert Ryan's mother, Lisa Ryan Green took the stand, she decided to read a letter... to no one else, but her son's friend, Shane Rouillard.           

Green says she wrote it just weeks after she heard about her oldest son's death.   

"Shane, so many people miss Rob. We're going to miss him for a long time. We all have great memories and we all have great friendship with him," said Lisa Ryan-Green, Mother of Robert Ryan.

It was a letter filled with this mother's heartache to the man who killed her son.

"I can't even imagine what you were feeling. I can't even imagine what happened the night you picked up the knife and stabbed him," said Green

But, for Green... the idea of never seeing her son again is still difficult to grasp.

"He was your friend, Shane. He was my son. He's still your friend, and he's still my son. I'm going to miss Rob forever," said Green.

And, even after all Green and her family have been through over the past 3 months since her son's death... Green says she's hopeful Rouillard will learn from this tragedy.

"Shane, I forgive you, and I pray that you use your life to help others. Rob would want that as much as I do," said Green.

A mother's message of moving on, but remembering a past that will be hard for many to forget.

Along with the 15 year sentence for his two charges, Shane Rouillard was also ordered to pay 150-thousand dollars of restitution to Ryan's family.

Online Reporter: Allissa Hopkins

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