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Nebraska's new lethal-injection law to go into effect


NEBRASKA (KTIV) - Starting Tuesday, lethal-injection will be the new means of execution in Nebraska.           

Last year, the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled the electric chair was unconstitutional. In May, the unicameral passed the bill.

Nebraska has been without a means of execution since February, but one official says it never went away.

"The death penalty never really went out in the state of Nebraska, only the methodology has changed. So, it's the same penalty, the same requirements, the same circumstances that surround any death penalty case," said Terry Kern, Dakota County Director of Corrections.

Now the state needs to come up with a protocol, deciding matters like which drugs will be used, the amount and the sequence the cocktail will be injected.

Nebraska officials are turning to execution experts in Kentucky and Texas for input.

Online Reporter: Allissa Hopkins

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