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In the race: Vander Plaats hopes third time's a charm


SHELDON, Iowa (KTIV) -- Is the third time a charm? Bob Vander Platts hopes so as he announced his official run for Iowa Governor today.

"I'm proud to call Sheldon my home and I'm running for governor. Thank you so much," Vander Plaats said.

Now, officially a candidate in the running for Iowa governor, Republican Bob Vander Plaats announced his candidacy before his hometown of Sheldon, Iowa on Labor Day.

"Seeing all of those familiar faces and understanding the impact that they have had on our lives, it's a really special feeling," says Bob's wife, Darla Vander Plaats.

Sheldon is the place Vander Plaats says he got many of his values from, and he says he won't walk away from those values if he gets in Iowa's highest office. While much of his background doesn't include is away from politics Vander Plaats says his background is key for a successful career as governor.

"I have it in education. I have it in healthcare. I have it in human services. I have it in business and industry," Bob Vander Plaats said.

It's what he calls his "real life experience and real life leadership."

It's his background in business that Vander Plaats says gives him a 'personal' insight into Iowa business and how it needs to change.

"As a CEO, you put a focus on a competitive tax structure and a competitive regulatory structure. And, then you aggressively market the state as a 'right to work' state," Vander Plaats says.

And, as he plans to take a step forward in business, Vander Plaats says Iowa needs to take a step back on same-sex marriages. Vander Plaats says the supreme court over stepped their boundaries on their ruling back in April to make same-sex marriages in Iowa legal.

"They legislated from the bench. They executed from the bench. They attempted to amend the constitution from the bench. When they do that, you need a governor that's willing to stand in, otherwise every one of your freedoms is at stake," he said.

Vander Plaats says it's those freedoms that keeps him pushing for Iowa's future.

"My goal is to case a compelling vision for the future of Iowa, not against some other candidate, but for the future of Iowa."

Vander Plaats is in good company in his bid for the Republican nomination.

Other GOP members who have said they will run or are considering running for governor of Iowa in 2010 include State representative Christopher Rants of Sioux City, Carroll representative Rod Roberts, state senator Jerry Behn of Boone, Senator Paul McKinley of Chariton and Cedar Rapids businessman Christian Fong.

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