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Spencer, IA schools take up religious policy


SPENCER, Iowa (KTIV) -- With the separation of church and state, where do you draw the line with a public school?

That's what one Northwest Iowa district is trying to decide by crafting a religious liberty policy.

From placing the policy to putting it down. About 30 members of the Spencer, Iowa community voice their opinions on the proposed Religious Liberty Policy, Thursday night.

Those for the policy say it's a necessity for the district to be proactive just in case an incident involving religion should happen. They also say it raises awareness of students and faculty members on a very important topic.

On the other side, those opposing the policy say the district should be spending the time and money their efforting on the religious liberty policy on a more important subject, like quality teaching and education. They also say there is no need for a policy on religion in the Spencer School District.

While Spencer Superintendent Greg Ebeling says they'll take all points of view into consideration when drafting the policy, he doesn't say the policy will actually be put in place. Ebeling says after a few more drafts of the policy , the school board would then have to vote on it. He said it would have to go through two separate readings.

Superintendent Greg Ebeling says the first reading on the policy will likely take place at the end of October.

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