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Clay County turns up the heat on this year's fair


SPENCER, Iowa (KTIV) -- Between the rides, animals, and acts, the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa is jam packed with fun. You can hardly do it all in a day and that's why it's open for eight!

Barnum and Bailey may have the "Greatest Show on Earth," but this is the "World's Greatest County Fair."

"We kind of combine all aspects of fairs around the country," said Robyn Amthauer of the Clay County Fair.

Throngs of crowds fill the commercial buildings and barns.

"The fair's a great place to come to see lots of different things, whether it be antiques or farm equipment," said Marlene Deshler of Marathon, IA.

"They just finished the show, and the last thing they had out was a hyena," said Duane Davis of Spencer.

From robots that walk and talk to more traditional fare, there's something for everyone, every age and every budget.

"As we looked at the economy, there was one of two directions we could go. We could pull back. Then we got to thinking, no people have been out there, you know, and they maybe had to do less this year, and they may not have been able to travel as far and do the things they want to do this year. So, we said let's go just the opposite. Let's do so many things, that they really have no excuse not to come to the Clay County Fair," said Clay County Fair manager Phil Hurst.

If you're not chicken, thrill seekers are going wild for new rides like the Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster.

"Those crazy rides up there are pretty scary, that's what caught my eye," Michael Wolff of Emmetsburg, IA.

Then there are these rides.

"They got radio controlled combines now, and tractors," said Dustin Schmidt of Holstein, IA.

This year the entertainment is hotter than ever.

"We've really developed the fair to the point that we get big name acts in," Amthauer said.

Comedian Bill Engvall has already sold out the grandstand. Heart and Trace Adkins are expected to draw similar crowds this weekend.

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