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Protecting Siouxland's Children

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - Professionals and community members learned how to protect Siouxland's children.

Friday Mercy Child Advocacy Center sponsored a conference to help educate the community.

Speakers focused on the dynamics of the crimes committed against children, the offenders, who they are and the victims, who they could be.

Craig Hill, the National Director of Crime Prevention Training says, it's important to make kids aware of the dangers out there and to keep the communication lines open so your kids will tell you or ask you questions.

"So, it's good common sense. We don't parents in Sioux City Iowa or any city to ever take their children's safety for granted and a family that communicates with one another is the best prescription to safety anyone can offer," said, Craig Hill, National Director of Crime Prevention Training.

And if you couldn't make it to the conference, we've built a link on our website that offers resources for parents to help you talk to your kids.

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