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Orellana murder trail, day four: Investigator takes stand


DAKOTA CITY, Neb. (KTIV) -- One of the lead investigators took the stand today in the murder trial of Andrew Orellana. He's charged in the shooting death of Joaquin Guererro.

The lead investigator in this case says there were no leads on where Andrew Orellana was in the last 12 years, or the location of the murder weapon.

The investigator says the search for Orellana started in the early morning hours the day after the murder, but Orellana wasn't found until this May.

The investigator testified, that once questioned, Orellana says he was never at the scene. The investigator said, once he told Orellana all of the witnesses said he did it, Orellana responded, "I didn't shoot any guns, and if I did, you'd have my finger prints."

The investigator says Orellana admitted to spending time with the people involved earlier that night.

Cross examination started today, and will continue Wednesday morning. The state could rest its case by Wednesday afternoon.

The murder weapon has never been found, but one gun, found under the victim the night of the murder, was accidentally destroyed by police but ruled out as the murder weapon.

The investigator said they thought they had the gun after a news tip, but forensic evidence proved it wasn't the murder weapon.

Online Reporter: Allissa Hopkins

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