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Siouxland area students learn about equality

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - Around 130 students from seven area high schools learned about how to promote equality.

Students attended workshops in large and small group settings to learn about the different "ism's" in society that everyone faces.

The Human Rights Commission hosted the event.

Officials say they trying to get kids to talk about the different issues affecting them or anyone they know.

"We're not trying to change their minds but just getting them think about how we all act on stereotypes regardless about what those stereotypes are. We all make decisions about another person based on their appearance, what they look like. We make those immediately and to really acknowledge that," said Karen Mackey, Executive Director of Human Rights Commission.

Students also learned about how they can help change the situation by performing skits about different situations they could potentially be in.

Participants say the different exercises have given them a new perspective.

"There's a lot that all of us can do to standup when we see discrimination and even the little things you do, like confronting your friends who might have a racist or a homophobic thoughts or comment. Just by challenging that mind set," said Jessica Garraway, Sioux City West Senior.

This is the 19th year this workshop has been held to raise awareness to students.

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