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Heelan, Homer schools plan H1N1 vaccine clinics

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Sioux City's Bishop Heelan Catholic Schools have scheduled H1N1 vaccination clinics for its students.

In a letter to parents, school president Father Patrick Walsh, said the clinics will be on Monday, November 16. They are for students only and those students need a parent's permission to get the vaccine.

The first clinic, for high school students, starts at non, in the Heelan High School gym. The elementary and middle school students can receive the vaccine from 2:30 to 6:00 in the same place.

Homer clinic


Dakota County's health department will hold another H1N1 clinic on Friday. It will start at 4:30, Friday afternoon, at the Homer Community School. Nurses will administer the vaccines, both the nasal mist and the injectable, until they run out.


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