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Local doctor hits the pavement to clear his mind


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Lots of people go for runs to work off some of their stress, but one area doctor clears the stress from his mind while he clears the clutter from the streets.

Dr. Tom Benzoni has been saving lives in the Emergency Room at Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City for 15 years. To work off some of that stress, Benzoni makes time for himself by going for a run almost every day.

"To heck with it, they can not reach me for an hour, that's perfectly fine."

While the doctor takes that hour for some alone time, he's usually joined by the family pet, Jake.

"He's funny, he'll take off running for about the first mile, and then he starts lagging behind. And if your driving by you might think that guy's making that dog run awful fast, well stick around a minute, you see the squirrel coming down the tree."

While Benzoni jokes that the main reason he runs is to avoid doctors, he also uses the time to do a little sprucing up around town.

"There, these are what I hate; this is the newspaper courier throwing away their trash."

The doctor's passion to clean up the world around him actually started when he was a teenager, a lesson he learned from his teacher while going on camping trips with the other boys in his class.

"The deal was we never paid any money for that but we had to bring back a trash bag full of trash from where ever it was that we went, that was our fee."

Dr. Benzoni continues that tradition today, usually carrying with him a bag to pick up the trash he finds.

"Sometimes I have a bag, sometimes I have a dog and sometimes I have both."

While Dr. Benzoni runs for himself, he says he hopes his actions will send a message to everyone he passes along the way.

"I'm always hoping the person who dropped the trash is watching, and feels a little bit ashamed for not taking the time to put it in the trash can themselves."

Cleaning his community at the same time that he clears his mind of the stresses of work.

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