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Le Mars church feeds community a feast


LE MARS, Iowa (KTIV) -- Members of Rejoice Church, in Le Mars, Iowa worked hard to prepare a Thanksgiving feast for their community.

Over 60 volunteers cooked 23 turkeys baked over 60 pies, and helped prepare, serve and cleanup after the meal.

Organizers say despite the economy they were able to get everything donated from the food, to napkins and plates, making the dinner completely free.

Volunteers say it's a lot of fun to help out and they love taking part in what has become an annual tradition.

"It's a great feeling to help. It's a lot of fun and see all of these people come together to help other people who aren't quite as fortunate as we are," said Tim DeBoer, Rejoice Church Member.

"We are really grateful for the opportunity. We are so happy to do this and again. It's all about people ," said Adri Ruisch, Rejoice Church Member

Over 500 people were served this Thanksgiving day feast. Folks enjoying the dinner say they are grateful for the fellowship.

"I think it's great. We didn't have any place to go so we thought we would come here and have ourselves a great time and I'm thankful for what we have," said Larry Eppling, Le Mars, Iowa.

Volunteers also packed up over 250 to-go dinners that were delivered to those who couldn't make it.

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