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Holiday shopping season starts early


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- While Thanksgiving day traditionally isn't the biggest shopping day, folks here in Siouxland are getting a head start on the holiday.

"You got to hit the big deals. You have to. It's worth it, isn't it? It is worth it," says Sioux City shopper Carla Coyle.

Hundreds lined up outside and waited in their car for K-Mart to open their doors at 7:00 Thursday morning. The line started to form around 4:30.

"Oh we have to shop before we eat. We saw the ad, so we're here," said Misty Weldon of Sioux City.

Misty was not alone. Lots of bargain-hungry Siouxland shoppers made their way through the few doors that were open on Thanksgiving day.

"I like shopping. I did it last year too," said Tammy White of Sioux City.

Now don't judge to quickly -- some of these shoppers are Thanksgiving first-timers.

"The wife handed me the ad to the paper, circled something and said, 'Go get it'. So, here I am," said John Upton of Sioux City.

Others here are old pros and even managed to hit two birds with one stone.

"Well, I bought some stuff for Thanksgiving dinner today too. I needed water and soda and wine," said Tammy White.

But some folks are just getting their shopping shoes laced up.

Weldon said, "We didn't do any shopping yet, so this is it."

"Yeah, we've got to go for it," says Virginia Thompson of Sioux City.

Whether they were dragged to the store, or they were just excited to get their hands on the best deals of the season, this Thanksgiving day holiday shopping already has many looking towards the next celebration: Christmas.

"The people are all happy, holiday spirit," White said.

"People were very pleasant today. They were a little crazy back there," Upton said.

For many Thanksgiving Day is just a practice run, but they'll be back for more on one of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday. And, they've developed a game plan.

"She's going to go in like a football player, and I'm going to go in behind her," Virginia Thompson said.

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