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Sioux City man in South Pole goes on field trip


UNDATED (KTIV) -- On this Thanksgiving, Tracy Matheny is thankful for a warm place to sleep at night. The Sioux City man is stationed at the South Pole for four months to help unearth a 50-year-old research station from ice and snow.

But, recently, Matheny got a chance to take a field trip to one of the most unusual telescopes you've ever seen. It's called "Ice Cube," and is actually buried a mile down in Antarctic ice.

Rather than looking at the sky, it looks down into the center of the earth and through the planet. The "light" seen by this telescope is composed of individual fundamental particles called neutrinos.

Scientists hope it will unlock the mysteries of the universe and help us understand more about the space around us.

"Ice Cube is put together to store all that data in the South Pole. And, all that data is taken back to several universities, around the world, to study light travel and neutrinos," said Tracy Matheny of Sioux City.

The Ice Cube telescope should be finished later this year. Matheny will come home this spring.

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