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Rural residents still not sold on city water tower


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- It's a battle between the City of Sioux City and Woodbury County residents dating back six years.

The city wants to build a water tower on county land, to serve people in the Morningside and Whispering Creek neighborhoods, but not the people immediately around the proposed structure, living in rural Woodbury County. Thursday night, they shared their concerns with representatives from the city and county.

County residents came armed with a list of questions for officials, who were able to answer most of them. The rural residents live just east of Sioux City limits, north of Highway 20. They say the tower should be built inside city limits, closer to those it will serve. They also say the city had its mind made up long ago on the location of the tower, alleging the city failed to thoroughly look into other options.

The city plans to put the tower on Tom Bride's father's land. Bride thinks the project is too far along for the city to change its mind.

"I guess at this point now, the property's been condemned. They've taken it, they've got the plans and they've been taking bids on the tower. I can't see that it's going to be stopped," said Tom Bride.

The city says the site, near 155th and Benton, is the most cost efficient, with bids coming in at $2.9 million. Officials hope to break ground in the near future.

"Within the next couple months, if we can continue to get a lot of the comments addressed like at tonight's forum, and get the proper permits from the county, we would like to see construction in the spring of 2010," says Sioux City Planning and Neighborhood Services Division Manager Jeff Hanson.

Hanson says the city plans on making the tower site aesthetically pleasing, by choosing earth tone paint colors and using landscaping.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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