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Phillip Kramer

Family 1st Dental of Le Mars and Doctor Zach Dannenbring

My name is Phillip Kramer, Phil for short; I would like to tell you about my experience with Family 1st Dental and Dr. Zach Dannenbring.  I am 25 years old and for most of my life I have neglected to take care of my teeth.  Eventually my teeth because so bad that I was embarrassed.  I never wanted to smile and experienced some depression due solely to my teeth.  I found it harder and harder to do my job.  I would constantly feel uncomfortable talking to my supervisors and the public.  It even began to affect my heath and eating habits.  I found it harder and harder to eat an entire meal because the pain became so bad.  The fact that it was interfering with my life, work, and even health is what motivated me to do something about it.  That's were Family 1st Dental comes in!

I started my search for dentists late in 2009.  I visited three other dental offices before I found Family 1st Dental of Le Mars.  I know some of the dental assistant that worked for Family 1st and had seen and heard first hand some of the great work they do.  It's amazing not only what they did for my teeth, but how they treated me.  They made me feel like an ordinary person, not like an outcaste that they looked down upon for letting their teeth get so bad.  Not only did the staff help me feel comfortable with my choice of Family 1st but Dr. Zach played a huge part in my amazing experience.

Not only was it affordable to go there, they gave me a great first appointment.  They said to me, "You are here now, that's what matters, and we will get you taken care of!"  When I visited the other offices they looked down upon me and I just didn't feel comfortable with them.

My case was pretty bad.  From teeth that were cracked and missing large chunks of tooth, cavities, and general unkempt teeth, you have to look at my before pictures to get a real sense of how bad thing really were.  I had veneers, crowns, and fillings, and many other procedures done to make my smile the way it is today.  The staff and doctor were very aware of my comfort the entire time I was in and out of the chair.  They made it a great experience for me.  They not only respected me, they really cared about the outcome.  It turned out just like they said it would, even better I think!  We had to do less then we talked about in the first visit, which was a plus for me!  It took four visits with the fifth for cleaning and a general check-up.

Family 1st Dental and Dr. Zach Dannenbring not only gave me my smile back, he brought up may self esteem.  I feel better about smiling, talking, and even eating does not hurt anymore.  Now I am able to eat an entire meal without problems! 

To anyone out there embarrassed by their teeth, people that are in pain, or just someone looking for a dentist, I recommend they find the Family 1st Dental of Le Mars or a Family 1st Dental nearest them.  I will recommend them to anyone.  Thanks you Family 1st Dental for everything!



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