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Sioux City observes Pearl Harbor Day with 21-gun salute

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Sioux City joined the rest of the United States today, in observing Pearl Harbor Day.

Monday morning, the American Legion Post 697 held a ceremony near the Morningside library branch. Veterans gathered to raise the flag and for a 21-gun salute. They say it's important to always remember the sacrifice of our service men and women.

"The men that died there, the men that served there, were just the beginning of a lot of sacrifice of life and comfort and material that really led to the freedom of this nation," said Vietnam veteran George Harrison.

Monday marks the 68th anniversary of the Japanese attack on American forces in Hawaii in 1941. More than 2,000 Americans were killed and many more were injured, and they were all fighting for our freedom.

"I think there's a price all citizens have to pay to maintain freedom we do enjoy. And I think we all should remember we're very fortunate to be born in a place like the United States," said Richard Storm of the American Legion Post 697.

With fewer surviving World War II veterans every day, the American Legion says the best way to keep the memory alive is to support the troops and keep the memory of their sacrifice alive.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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