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More than ever this year, woman tries to be home for holidays


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Holiday travelers are nervous, whether their mode is by highway or airway. Many people were stuck for a time Wednesday at Sioux Gateway Airport.

Delays were anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes at Sioux Gateway Wednesday morning, but for at least one traveler, not making it home for Christmas is not an option.

"I'm headed to New Jersey to see my kids and grandchildren," said Cathy Battin.

Usually it's a cheerful time of the year for Battin, but this year emotions turn, leaving her desperate to get home.

"I lost my mother this year, so it's just real important for me to be with family."

Waiting nervously like millions across the country, Battin find out she won't make her connecting flight in Minneapolis.

"I don't want to get stranded, because if the weather gets bad it will be even harder to get back to Yankton," she said.

Battin's flight to Minneapolis did arrive, but she still faces delays and many miles to fly.

"I just want to get home. I moved out here in March and I just want to get home," she said, fighting tears.

It's a sentiment echoed by any holiday traveler this year.

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