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Priority routes: Which streets will be plowed first


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- With the a storm dropping snow on Sioux City over the coming days, the Field Services Division is sending out a reminder on snow removal.

Officials say they'll plow the streets based on a priority system. For safety reasons, they ask drivers to keep their distance from the city's snow plows. They also recommend using off-street parking during the storm.

While one official says they'll have a full crew out on the streets on Christmas, he says for his crew, working on the holiday is an honor.

"I think that all of my staff take great pride in the fact that they are a vital part of public safety. Obviously without us plowing the streets, the fire trucks, the ambulances and the police cars cannot get to where they need to go," says Public Works Field Supervisor Brian Fahredholz.

Priority "one" streets are hospital and emergency routes. Those include roads like Hamilton, Floyd and Singing Hills boulevards.

Priority "two" streets include school bus routes, like Glen Oaks Boulevard on the north side and Glenn Avenue in Morningside.

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