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When in doubt, take a taxi


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Whether it's the weather or a holiday party that leaves you stranded, cabs are letting you know they're always a call away.

Another call, and cab driver Mark is on his way to pick up what he calls "a regular."

"A financial reason," the rider explains. "A DUI runs about $5- or $6,000, and a cab ride, for where I'm going runs about seven bucks."

With all the holiday parties, even if you trust yourself, it may be the driver next to you that has had one too many.

"There are crazy drivers out their to start with, and cab drivers are trained professionals," says Lloyd Lentz of Cabs, Inc.

Lentz says each of his drivers, like Mark, have about twenty years of experience

"We even have a cab driver that's lived in Alaska, he's the one getting around pretty good today," Lentz said.

So, if you plan on going over the river and through the woods, you may want to think about calling a professional when the weather is frightful.

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