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Critic's Corner: "Up in the Air"

In the bustling airport of holiday films, George Cooney has landed a real winner.

"Up in the Air," a look at the other side of the recession, gives him the role of a lifetime and us one of the best films of the year. In it, Clooney stars as an Omaha-based down-sizer. He goes into corporations and fires people. But his tactic isn't brutal. It's well-orchestrated and expertly timed.

When a young hot shot suggests the company can save money by handling its work online, Clooney rebels. He says firing must be done in person. To prove as much, he takes the young upstart on the road and shows her the ropes. The two bond and he realizes this life of airports and frequent flier miles might not be enough. An on-again/off-again relationship with a fellow traveler heats up and Clooney decides it might be time to settle down.

Director Jason Reitman handles his contemporary "Death of a Salesman" with great style, making this the perfect film for the end of a rocky decade.

Anna Kendrick and Vera Farmiga are wonderful as the women in Clooney's life. And Clooney? He's practically perfect. This is the film of his career -- a sure-fire Oscar winner.

As depressing as it may seem, "Up in the Air" handles its story as well as Clooney handles his clients. It's funny, charming and touching -- a movie that soars, then comes in for a perfect landing.

On our four-star scale, "Up in the Air" gets: four stars.

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