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Sioux City Fire Fighters dig out hydrants

Sioux City, IOWA (KTIV) - Sioux City Fire and Rescue officials are asking for help from resisdents that live in Sioux City.

With the recent heavy snowfall, close to 4,000 fire hydrants in the city have been buried or covered with snow.

Fire fighters have been working hard to dig out the hydrants and fire officials are asking citizens to not bury the hydrants on their property as they shovel out their driveways and sidewalks.

Fire officials say it's a huge task and if citizens can help dig out their hydrant, it will assist them in event of a fire emergency.

"We certainly appreciate the public's help. If people know where their fire hydrant is and they have the ability to go and scoop it out, we ask for at least three feet around the hydrant and if they can, access to a little path to the street", said Chuck Hirsch, Fire Marshal.

Hirsch also reminds people to drive slow when you see fire fighters scooping out hydrants and to give them some room so they can get the job done quicker and safer.

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