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What Customers are saying about Window World

 "Very happy with my windows- installers made sure everything was done correctly and the way I wanted!"   
Mary Morris
"I have been wanting new windows for some time!  I'm amazed at how much quieter and it's only been one day but I've had numerous calls from people saying they like them!! I love them and the service and install has been wonderful!!"     
Deb Pofahl
"Great Work--everyone we worked with thru Window World was very helpful and friendly!!   Keep up the good work!!    
The Kyncls

"Mark did a spectacular job with the installation - we couldn't be more satisfied! We were amazed at the little mess and disruption it caused. Thank you for everything."   
Derek and Nicole Nelson

"Jerry was awesome. I asked him take care of what I needed. (No shopping for me) I trusted his judgment and am very happy.   Mark is so courteous; fast and clean with his work; thorough."   
LaVonne Holcomb

"I was very happy with the results of these new windows. It has only been a couple of days but I already see/feel a difference in how much warmer the bedroom is."   
Patrick Kratochvil

"I purchased 11 windows, as well as a patio door, siding, wraps and gutters form Window World.  I heard about them through some co-workers.  I was very impressed with the customer service I received from Damon Lutz, Window World's store manager in Sioux City.  I had absolutely no issues.  He got with me on everything.  He came through in a timely manner to help me out.  He was very personable and took the time to answer questions.  If I had any problems, he took care of them right away,"
Jeremy Larson

"I purchased 10 windows from Damon at Window World. He told me what time the work would be done down to the minute.  He was very professional and so were the sub-contractors who installed the windows.  The windows were in and installed the day they said they would be.  One of the windows broke, so they put the old one back in, sealed around it, and rush ordered another one.  I appreciated that.  Since my new windows have been installed a few months ago, I have seen smaller utility bills and noticed that his home is a lot quieter."
Brad Perkins

"I purchased14 windows and a patio door from Window World.  The biggest reason I bought from Window World is because of friends at work.  I stopped in to the Window World office and Damon came out to my house, did the measuring, and answered my questions.  He got right to the point and presented the product.  He was real efficient. I had someone else come out and he wanted to add a lot of extra stuff.  He took 2 ½ hours of my time, and Damon did his presentation in 25 minutes.  They're good windows.  They're heavy – really built.  I picked one up and was surprised at how heavy it was.  Now I don't have to use the 3M shrink wrap on my windows, which was really time consuming. I also liked Window World's price and the fact that they build quality.  The windows are made in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, so I felt like I was putting my money back into the state economy. Since my windows have been installed, I have noticed a lot less solar heat gain. I have noticed that my home feels like it's tighter and quieter.  And the ease of cleaning the windows – that's a huge benefit. I'm really happy with them."
Ron Huggenberger

"I am the owner of the Story Time Preschool and Child Care Centers and I purchased 16 or 17 windows from Window World for the center at 1709 Pierce Street. I took three bids for the project and was impressed by Damon Lutz, who took the time to explain the benefits of the Window World products.  He brought samples and he explained things at my level.  He made his product understandable. He's very knowledgeable about his product.  I have to have good windows at a reasonable price. These windows were so cost effective – very worth the money. They will pay for themselves.  When it came time to install the windows, she was impressed by the sub-contractor's willingness to work around the staff and children's needs and not interrupt their schedule at the child care center.  I liked that we could keep our daily routine. 

The installers are excellent.  They wanted to make sure we were happy.  They were very clean, and they were courteous all around."
Kim Storey-Geisler

"I purchased 14 vinyl double-hung, triple pane windows for his main house, and seven for an addition, from Window World. I chose Window World because I'm a local business owner also.  Damon was not high pressure, just laid back.  And during the installation process, the installer worked around our schedule.  Even coming out on a Saturday when I was home. The energy savings has been phenomenal since I have had the new windows installed.  We live within city limits but we are on propane.  We used to use 1,200 gallons of propane a year and now we use 400 gallons."
Curt Von Hagel, owner of Von Hagel-Blanche Lawncare

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