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Siouxlanders embrace simplicity for 2010



It was a year of change for many Americans, and we're not talking cold, hard cash.

Theresa Aguiar, of Sioux City said, "(it was) less shopping, and (more) hiding in the house."

Another Sioux City resident saved money by eating at home. "We don't go out to eat as much," said Kim Hopkins. Some people, like Steve Lyons, quit habits. "I stopped smoking and saved money," said Lyons.

Cutting back, meant a closer look at the big picture. Dave Jarvis says he's been enjoying his family. "Ever since I had kids, you kind of look back and you say you don't have to do the expensive things, the simple things are what they appreciate even more," said Jarvis.

If the recession was the driving force for families to bond, parents say they're better off for it. "Stay close to your family, that's the best thing you can do," said Aguiar.

For many, the game plan isn't changing for 2010. Relearning simplicity, through the eyes of a child, is a goal for the new year. "No matter how cold it is, they find the courage and the warmth to come out and go sledding," says Jarvis.

It's as simple as that, embracing 2010 one day at a time.

Online Reporter: Jyl Sobolewski


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