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School district employees complete move to downtown

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Some Sioux City school district employees have a new place to go to work.

About seventy workers have been in the renovated space downtown at Jackson Plaza for about two weeks now.

The project cost around $1.5 million, and was paid for through sales tax revenue. Not only is the move expected to save the district money in the long run, it will also be more convenient for more departments to be under one roof.

"Just the efficiency of being in one area to get projects done, to move that much quicker onto the next project. We've already seen it in the two weeks that we've been here. It's just been great for us," says Alison Benson of the Sioux City Community Schools.

The space also houses a new board room. Later this year, it will also be home to students, with a couple of classes expected to move in.

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