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Ice storm delaying Sioux City snow clean-up

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) -- Sioux City's big push to clear residential streets of all the snow is being put on hold, thanks to the impending ice storm.

Sioux City Public Works Director Chris Payer says, "We're going move that to next week so we can respond and be ready for the weather and ice for the next day, two days."

Right now, Payer says crews are working to clear snow around Greenville and Kelly Park, along with portions of the north side. However, starting at 7:00 Wednesday morning, Public Works will pull its plows so crews can focus on the ice.

Snow removal will resume on the January 26, in the Highway 75 North, and Northside neighborhoods. Parking is allowed on even sides of the street on the 26th, and odd sides on the 27th. But these dates are not set in stone, and Payer says dealing with ice presents a whole new set of challenges.

"Ice is harder in that it's more of a safety thing. We know what to expect with the snow that we can be reasonably assured that we can get the traction to be able to push and move the snow. With ice, depending on how thick it comes down, it can be difficult to move around," Payer said.

The Near North neighborhood is the last neighborhood scheduled to be cleared, on the January 28 and 29.

Online Reporter: Zach Tecklenburg

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