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Winter white-out causes multi-car pile up near Sheldon, IA


NEAR SHELDON, Iowa (KTIV) -- Monday's winter white-out wreaked havoc on local roads.

Monday, on Highway 18 near Sheldon, Iowa, two accidents caused a ten-car pile up and sent five people to the hospital . One man is in critical condition. State troopers say the man got out of his car to check on a family inside one of the other cars, when he was hit.

Tuesday morning, crews were still cleaning up after the crashes.

"The whole thing started with a semi and a straight truck that were stuck. They started it. Another truck came up and he got stuck. Three cars then got stuck. The next semi came and he hit all of them," said Iowa State Trooper John Skaar.

Skaar had to respond to the accidents on a fire truck because he knew even with all his driving experience, he wouldn't be able to navigate through the blinding conditions.

"When we put out 'Travel not Recommended', we've been out in it, if we can't get around, we're trying to tell you very nicely, please stay home," said Skaar.

Officials say the cars and trucks involved in the wreck were all going under the speed limit. An investigation is underway.

Reporter: Jyl Sobolewski

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